Web Design, e-Commerce and Internet Marketing Solutions

Web Design and e-Commerce Solutions

Hyperlink specialises in the design and development of effective, easy to use websites to help you use the Internet as a cost-effective medium to market your business.

An effective website is one that allows your visitors to easily filfill their objectives and allows you to achieve your business goals and provide a return on your investment.

At the end of the day you want a website that is easy to use and aligns with your organisational and commercial requirements. Our role is to leverage the insights and experience we have gained from design, development and internet marketing to the success of your project.

An effective website starts with the needs of your visitors

If users find your website confusing or too hard to use they will leave. By understanding how visitors and customers use and interact with your website you will then be able to increase it's effectiveness and your return on investment.

We don't give too much thought about it, but visitors to your website:

  • Will be impatient and want instant gratification
  • Won't make the best choice about finding information on your site and their eyeballs will bounce around the screen like they are on springs
  • Will follow their intuition and not yours - they will do what works for them
  • Want to have control and don't want surprises
  • Don't like to think

These are just the plain facts of life and we know this because this is what experience has taught us. Being aware of these facts and using strategies to keep the attention and focus of your customers must be integral to developing an effective website.

Web services you need

We provide and develop full range of services and solutions for all Internet development projects from simple web site design to more complex development requirements. Our skills and services include:

  • Internet and web consultancy
  • Website concept planning
  • Website specification development
  • Content management and related solutions
  • Web site design and development
  • Internet marketing and site optimisation for search engines
  • Web site audit and analysis
  • e-Business and e-Commerce solutions
  • New Zealand based web hosting
  • Domain name registration and management

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