Who's your market, what's your niche?

What's your niche on the web?

We're never going to be big enough to rule the world, but by defining our market, our niche we have the opportunity to become a big fish in a small pond.

Do you want a slice, or are you going to try for the whole pie? Putting your efforts into a small defined niche is going to be a lot more rewarding than trying to take the whole pie.

A niche is a small, defined segment of the market. In reality niches don't exist but are defined by identifying needs, wants and desires within a population. Once a niche is defined it becomes easier to deliver market and deliver products and services to meet the needs of that niche.

Why do we need to define our niche?

Defining your market or niche is important, but even more so when it comes to the web. This is because people read content, and this content has got to address their needs, wants and desires. In other words, it's got to be targetted. Your market needs to be reading your content as though it's personally addressed to them. It's as though you're writing to an old friend. You just can't write compelling content if you are trying to speak to the entire market. It's all about "slice'n'dice"!

Of, course, you can only write like that if you've defined your niche, and you know their needs, their likes and dislikes. You're not trying to appeal to everyone, it's just your niche that you should be focussing on.

By having a tightly defined niche our marketing efforts will be a lot more successful. What's the point in trying to be all things to all people and having little of not success? It's much better to have a great appeal to a small market and gain the reward for that.

Got you thinking?… Ready to make a start?